Application and price list

Application and price list

How can I apply for an RTS EPD?

All RTS EPD applications shall be submitted to the Building Information Foundation RTS sr. All information shall be sent by email, and the application shall be filled in online. In order for companies to apply for RTS EPDs, they must possess the following information:

  • EPD, including all information contained in the declaration template 
  • certificate of verification 
  • filled out application form 
  • image of product 

How long is an RTS EPD valid?

In accordance with EN 15804 +A1, declarations are valid for five years after verification. The application for the right to use the RTS EPD code can be submitted during the period of validity of the declaration. See here separate price list »

RTS EPD price list and EPD validity?

RTS EPDs are approved by a workgroup of the PT18 RT EPD Committee of the Building Information Foundation RTS sr. The workgroup ensures that the declaration, the verification certificate and the application contain all essential information. The RTS notifies the company of the approval, after which the company has the right to use the RTS EPD logo in conjunction with the declaration. See the price list here.

  • The approved declarations are listed on the RTS's website at epd.rts.fi, where all approved and valid declarations are listed. The declarations are valid for five years after verification.
  • Furthermore, companies have the possibility to get the RTS EPD listed in Rakennustieto's product information service and database. 

RTS EPD and ECO Platform

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr has been approved into the ECO Platform system, which contains hundreds of approved EPDs. The holder of an RTS EPD declaration has the possibility to access the list of approved declarations published in the ECO Platform system and add the ECO Platform logo to the declaration. It guarantees the approvability of the declaration within the EPD programmes operating in all European countries as these programmes are ECO Platform members. ECO Platform membership is also mentioned on the Building Information Foundation's website as well as on the list of approved declarations. You can apply for the ECO Platform logo by mentioning about it in the EPD-application form. Additional information on ECOPlatform is available at http://www.eco-platform.org/.

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