Applications of EPD information

Applications of EPD information

What are the applications of EPD information?

The quality and quantity of environmental information vary greatly. EPDs represent a reliable source of environmental information on construction products for business-to-business communication. All product declarations bearing the RTS EPD code are verified by a third party. The purpose of the verification is to make sure that the information is

  • reliable
  • consistent
  • comparable at building level
  • compliant with up-to-date standards
  • easy to process further and readily available

Environmental information of products can be used for comparisons at the building level during planning, when the products are fulfilling the same functional and technical requirements. It is important that the building's entire life cycle be taken into account in all comparisons at the building level. In this case, primary EPD information includes technical and functional properties and related requirement levels as well as environmental information.

The information declared in RTS EPDs can be used as source of information for purposes such as RT hankeohjaus , GBC Finland's life cycle indicators, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and other assessment, certification and quality control tools for buildings. GBC Finland's life cycle indicators primarily use the following initial data in order:

  • EPD in accordance with EN 15804:2012 +A1:2013 for products to be used in buildings
  • EPD in accordance with EN 15804:2012 +A1:2013 for product groups or equivalent products in general
  • Building-specific information, which meets all fundamental requirements
  • Other environmental information, which must meet the requirements (e.g., ISO 14025 Type III EPD or relevant study based on life cycle)

Are RTS EPDs suitable for international use?

Yes. All RTS EPDs have been drawn up in accordance with EN 15804:2012 + A1:2013, RTS PCR and product group-specific standards. Therefore, they can be used within the EU. The EN standard is slightly different from the corresponding ISO standard. Therefore, RTS EPDs do not necessarily cover all information that is needed, for example, in Japan. However, for example, LEED v4 also approves EPDs drawn up in accordance with EN 15804.

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