EPD verification

EPD verification

What does the term "declaration verified by a third party" mean?

Anyone can draw up EPDs for their products, and they can put any environmental information they want in the declarations. All declarations verified by a third party have been checked and proved to be a reliable source of environmental information. Such declarations are called "verified". The verification shall be carried out by an approved verifier in accordance with EN ISO 14025 and ISO 21930:2007.

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr approves declarations that have been checked by a third party. The Building Information Foundation RTS sr publishes information on all approved verifiers on its website. As such, companies are able to select the desired verifier from the list of verifiers.

Who can verify an RTS EPD?

EPDs shall be verified in accordance with ISO 14025:2006: "Verification: confirm, through the provision of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilled." ISO 14025:2006, section 3.9.

Verification is an extremely important and challenging part of the quality assurance process for EPDs. As referred to in the standard, the aim of the verification process is to verify that all declared information is correct and that all of the requirements set for the declaration have been met.

Invitation for verifiers

Verification checklist

Verifying the RTS EPD-tool

EPD-tools will provide manufacturers to show environmental impacts and flows and to create environmentally better products to meet increasing requirements placed for the products.

The verification of EPD-tools differs from the verification of independent EPD’s. The appendix A specifies the differences and requirements for verification of an EPD-tool, SAMPLE-EPDs’ and RTS EPDs’ created using an EPD-tool. Please see the links below for further information:

EPD-tool verification guideline

EPD-tool verification checklist

Approved verifiers

Tytti Bruce 

Product Manager
Bionova Consulting
Puh. +358 500 655 020

Bionova Oy
Hämeentie 31
00500 Helsinki

Dr. Rodrigo Castro
Bionova Oy Ltd
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Martin Erlandsson
LCA Business Development Manager, PhD
Senior Researcher
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Tel. +46 (0) 10 788 65 30
IVL: +46 (0) 10 788 65 00

Box 210 60
100 31 Stockholm

Tarja Häkkinen
Senior principal scientist at VTT, Doctor Tech (Sc)
Tel. +358 40 727 4561

PO Box 1000
FIN 02044 VTT

Teija Käpynen 

Ympäristösuunnittelija, Ins. AMK
Vahanen Environment Oy
Tel. +358 40 714 8253

Tampellan Esplanadi 2, 3krs.
33100 Tampere

Leea Ojala
Director of Consultancy, Senior Consultant
M.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Biol. & Env. Sci)
Logscale Oy
Puh. +358 (0)20 730 7470

Mannerheiminaukio 1A,
00100 Helsinki

Anni Oviir (on maternity leave from early June 2019)
Solution Specialist
One Click LCA Services OÜ
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Panu Pasanen
Bionova Oy
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00500 Helsinki

Anastasia Sipari
Project coordinator
Bionova Oy
Puh. +358 405489475

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00500 Helsinki

Sirje Vares
Senior research scientist VTT,
Rakennustuotteiden ja -järjestelmien elinkaaren hallinta
Tel. 020 722 6969,
GSM +358 50 520 7946

PL 1000
02044 VTT

Dr. Frank Werner
Environment & Development
Tel. ++41-(0)44 241 39 06
GSM. ++41-(0)79 776 05 16

Idaplatz 3
8003 Zurich

1458040476 Epd Cropattu


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