May 21, 2019

The next EPD work group meeting will take place on 27th May, 2019. 

The next meeting after that will be held on August. Further information from Laura Sariola, tel. +358 40 832 5750, firstname.lastname@rakennustieto.fi

May 15, 2019

SBE19 Sustanable Built Environment Conference May 22-24, 2019 in Helsinki


Classification manager Laura Sariola talks about RTS EPDs and the RTS GLT Environmental Classification in the following sessions:

Wednesday May 22:
11:15 RTS EPD’s – Different Methods of Producing Reliable Environmental Information of Building Products in Finland

Thursday May 23:
13:45 A Finnish Environmental Classification for Building Projects- RTS GLT: Experiences and New Developments
15:30 Classification of Indoor Environment 2018 and updated Criteria of RTS GLT

Read more about the conference on sbe19.org. The printable programme can be viewed here. See you at the conference!

January 28, 2019

The next EPD work group meeting will be held on February 28

Further information from Laura Sariola, tel. +358 40 832 5750, firstname.lastname@rakennustieto.fi

January 1, 2019

The RTS EPD Certification fees have been updated January 1, 2019

The price list is available here »

October 4, 2018

SURVEY INVITATION: Hygienic interiors

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr is a private, non-profitmaking Foundation whose task is to foster both good planning and building methods and good property management practices. 

At the moment, a precise definition for a hygienic interior does not exist, which would help for example planning an indoor environment. Hygienic interior means an interior in a property where special attention has been drawn to healthiness and cleanliness.

With the help of this short survey, the Building Information Foundation collects information on whether a definition of interior hygiene is needed. The definition could be such as the Classification of Indoor Environment – in this case it would not be obligatory, however it would be a significant guideline, for example, in designing an indoor environment. Indoor hygiene could also be instructed and evaluated with a standard or a certificate.

By answering this survey, you can have an impact on whether a definition will be planned and if so, what kind of definition should be developed. The response time ends on October 28th. A lottery will be drawn among the respondents, and the winner will get the book Alvar Aalto Homes. The book beautifully presents the pearls of Aalto’s housing design. Thank you for your answers in advance!

Take the survey here »

Best regards,
The Building Information Foundation RTS sr
Laura Sariola
+358 40 832 5750

July 31, 2018

The RTS EPD Certification fees have been updated August 1, 2018

The price list is available here »

June 26, 2018

A presentation about the RTS Envinronmental Classification in the Indoor Air 2018 Conference in Philadelphia

Laura Sariola will talk about the RTS Environmental Classification in the Indoor Air 2018 Conference, Philadelphia in July. The title for the presentation is RTS GLT-Environmental Classification - Experiences and New Developments. More information and the conference program can be found here »

April 4, 2018

RTS EPD Guideline is now available

These instructions describe principles of the voluntary Finnish environmental product declaration, RTS EPD-system. RTS Guideline has been approved by the Building Information Foundation RTS Committee RT EPD (PT18) at its meeting on March 29th 2018. The Guideline is available on our website and also here »

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